In 2005, the Southampton based chef-turned-artist, created (what's considered his first official collage) Broccoli Jungle, from there it appears he had unlocked the passage to a time-free realm of the subconscious. A meditative state, working on up to twenty pieces at a time, channelling creativity through the freest of forms, inspired by Hieronymous Bosch, Salvadore Dali & Monty Python, Adrian continues a legacy of surrealism and spirituality (garnished with Broccoli).

Ten years later, having created a name for himself through the art sphere, he opened his first gallery in the industrial East End of London. Commemorating the move by decorating the streets of Brick Lane with his Broccoli street art. Today, in 2021, the original space is now the world famous Broccoli Factory, with a new gallery opened across the road, both situated in the heart of what is known today as, Broccoli Lane.

A prolific artist, Adrian Boswell has created multiple thousand broccoli art, over twelve hundred original collages (to date), including over two hundred and fifty originals created within the lockdown period of 2020/21 alone. With works across the world, his style of collage and message has been featured in curriculums in multiple countries, a representation of hard work & belief, a true British artist.

Available in this site are some exclusives from Sliding Doors, Lockdown series, 4 Beauties, Pick & Mix, and more. Enjoy.